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Conscious sedation

Do you feel anxious? Opt for conscious sedation.

Does your stress level increase at the mere thought of visiting the dentist? Some adults and children struggle to manage their anxiety during a clinic appointment. It’s normal to feel a little anxious, but did you know that we can reduce stress and discomfort through conscious sedation? This little-known procedure makes it possible to turn your visit into a soothing and relaxing experience thanks to nitrous oxide conscious sedation.

This method is actually regularly used with anxious patients, people with special needs, and those with a hypersensitive gag reflex to reduce stress and fear. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and delivered through a mask placed over the nose. The advantage of this sedation agent is that it is very safe and that it allows the patient to stay conscious during treatment. Moreover, the discomfort gives way to a sense of well-being and lightness, just as in a dream! Also safe for children, this technique will leave them with a pleasant and positive memory of their visit.

The benefits are many:

  • It takes effect quickly.
  • The level of sedation can be adjusted quickly.
  • The effects wear off within minutes once the mask is removed.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It is possible to resume regular activities quickly.

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