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Dental prostheses

The loss of one or more teeth may occur as a result of health problems, cavities, or an accident. It is important to replace missing teeth not only for cosmetic reasons, but also to avoid oral health complications and premature ageing of the face. We will make sure to suggest the best solution to replace your teeth based on your needs and budget.

A dental prosthesis is a device that replaces one or more missing teeth. There are several types of prostheses, including complete removable prostheses (or denture), partial removable prostheses, crowns, and implant-retained prostheses.

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Complete removable dental prosthesis or denture

This device replaces all the natural teeth, either in the upper or lower jaw, or in both. As the name implies, this type of prosthesis is removable. It must be removed for maintenance and when sleeping. They are made of resin teeth and pink acrylic that mimic the teeth and gums.

The lifespan of dentures is about five to seven years, depending on the condition of the mouth and the type of maintenance. It is important to assess the condition of the dentures once a year to make sure they fit properly in order to avoid discomfort, pain, and injury.

Partial removable prosthesis

This prosthesis is a recommended solution to replace one or more teeth. It is held in place by hooks that are positioned on the existing teeth.

Fixed partial prosthesis

A dental crown is a fixed restoration that covers a badly damaged tooth. It is made from the impressions of the tooth and cemented onto the prepared tooth.

A traditional bridge replaces one or more teeth. It is attached to the adjacent teeth.

Implant-retained prosthesis

This is the best and most comfortable solution to replace one or more missing teeth. It is comparable to a natural tooth in terms of aesthetics and function. While this is the most expensive option, it can last a lifetime.

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